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New business hours


We would like to inform you that our business hours will be changing from 9:oo-18:00 to 9:00-17:00, effective 17 April 2023. (close for lunch 12:00-13:00)

We apologize for any inconveniences due to these changes.

Refer a friend & get ¥10,000


All tenants of JoyHousing!

Thank you for supporting our business.

As a token of our gratitude, we would like to give  ¥10,000

if your friend signs a lease with JoyHousing.

Please contact our agent and inform them you are referring a friend

or you are referred by a tenant of JoyHousing.


Our Official Instagram!


We officially made an Instagram account!

Please follow >>@joy.housing<< on instagram

We are posting our listings  and good spots in Okinawa(^O^)


Typhoon Neoguri


the very strong typhoon Neoguri is on it’s way!

I hope you all are ready for this big one!! Make sure everything outside is secured inside. do not leave anything out that can fly or be pushed into a window! Do not tie things on rails that can blow off!  Make sure you have something heavy like a sand bag on escape hatches if you have one! They can open up and smash the window below you.

there is a high possibility that we will loose power! Make sure you have a good amount of water Filled in your tub. Especially those that have water running on electric or all electrified houses!

if you have a cooler box store ice for your food! Fridges last about 24hr even with the power off but there is a possibility we will b out of power for a few days.  Especially the northern part of yomitan and uruma city (higashionna)

Unfortunately we will not know when the power will recover but you can go to the Okinawa electric company website and contact them.

In case of a very big emergency we will have someone come out but most likely we will not be able to do anything till the typhoon passes.  Please understand That we cannot reimburse Rent because of power outage!

Good luck And Stay safe!!!




thank you for checking out our website.

The housing industry has been pretty slow and we got lots of places available.

theres been a problem with our units not showing up on the housing lists at the kadena housing office. but that doesnt mean that we dont have any properties available. the problem should be fixed sometime this week.

again, if you are sponsoring someone or have a friend looking for an off-base housing unit, if you bring them to joy housing and they end up renting from us we will give you and that customer some cash back!!

Call us to schedule an appointment is the best way to get in contact!

Enjoy the last week of February!!! Spring is almost here!!


Yumi 🙂





Hi this is Yumi from Joy Housing!

so we started this new website and still don’t really know how this works… but we will try our best to keep it up to date and if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to talk to us!

we will be posting blogs and current updates as well. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and comfortable with our service while you are here in Okinawa and not just a place you rent from for a few years. A lot of our customers have been reffered from by other customers and we hope to continue to have a great relationship with you.

We hope you all had a wonderfull year and Best wishes for 2014!!






On the last day of work on the 28th,we all cleaned our office!!!

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We are going to be closed from December 28,2013~January 3,2014We will be reopened on JAN 4,2014. January rent due date will be on 10th!!

Thank you very much,

Happy holidays!!!!!