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Typhoon Neoguri


the very strong typhoon Neoguri is on it’s way!

I hope you all are ready for this big one!! Make sure everything outside is secured inside. do not leave anything out that can fly or be pushed into a window! Do not tie things on rails that can blow off!  Make sure you have something heavy like a sand bag on escape hatches if you have one! They can open up and smash the window below you.

there is a high possibility that we will loose power! Make sure you have a good amount of water Filled in your tub. Especially those that have water running on electric or all electrified houses!

if you have a cooler box store ice for your food! Fridges last about 24hr even with the power off but there is a possibility we will b out of power for a few days.  Especially the northern part of yomitan and uruma city (higashionna)

Unfortunately we will not know when the power will recover but you can go to the Okinawa electric company website and contact them.

In case of a very big emergency we will have someone come out but most likely we will not be able to do anything till the typhoon passes.  Please understand That we cannot reimburse Rent because of power outage!

Good luck And Stay safe!!!